About Us


The GTTP’s mission is to provide a basis for understanding the role Travel & Tourism plays in both the local and global economy, and to stimulate interest on the part of young citizens in participating in the industry on all levels. Today’s students are tomorrow’s workers and consumers. The GTTP works to illuminate the benefits of a positive acceptance of the industry’s role, and provides school students academic study coupled with practical work experience in the Travel & Tourism industry.

Over the past fifteen years, over one million, seven hundred thousand students in more than 8,000 schools located in more than 1200 cities are or have participated in GTTP programs. In collaboration with education and tourism ministries, GTTP member countries are working to bring these programs to more cities and countries whose economies benefit from Travel & Tourism.


  • Use the study of Travel & Tourism to provide a quality educational experience for teachers and students through teacher training, curriculum development, and global collaboration.
  • Help students, parents, and communities understand and appreciate the importance of sustainable Travel & Tourism to their own well-being and that of the world at large.
  • Help students develop key competencies in areas such as critical thinking, problem solving, team work, written and oral communication that are critical to success not only in Travel & Tourism but also other technology and service industries.
  • Provide a strong link between business and public schools that helps students make informed choices about future careers.
Expand our members to include more countries where capacity building is critical to national development in regions such as South America, Asia, and Africa.
  • Help our current members expand to meet the demand for their programs in more schools.
Encourage businesses to invest in quality public education in the communities where they operate.