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Our GTTP-EA discussions frequently feature numbers. We talk about expense numbers, fundraising numbers, numbers of students served, number of participating countries, programs, and partners. This quantifiable information is an essential measure of the program’s condition and direction. Numbers also give us a solid foundation for policy decisions. But there is a greater and less easily measured dimension of our program. That is its impact on real people.

What Participants Say

"For me, the GTTP experience is one of my most cherished to date,” says Sam Morgan. “It had a tremendous impact on my personal and academic development." - Samuel Morgan (Former GTTP Student)
"Being a member of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership Club (GTTP) has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. It is through GTTP that I have developed a great interest in Travel and Tourism and visited some of the great tourist attraction sites in our great country Kenya." - Sally Faith (Former GTTP Student, Moi Tea Girls)
"Truly a Passport to the World!” there is so much to do, see and learn as a member of Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP) for students in school it revamps the whole idea of a club both during school sessions and holidays. The club is exciting, engaging, and educative and gives you direct and unforgettable encounters with the tourism world at no cost at all." - Eilleen Namaindi (Former GTTP Student, Lugulu Girls)
"GTTP has given me a great experience. I never thought I could emerge a winner in any of the competitions. Emerging the winner in the Digital photo competition in 2014 has made me a better person in our society. My community now knows about the GTTP program. I encourage other students to do better in the club because there are great opportunities for them." - Douglas Thomas (Former GTTP Student)