The GTTP’s first program was started in the United Kingdom. Programs were added in Ireland, Hungary, Hong Kong and Canada. The focus of the GTTP then shifted to developing countries where tourism is vital to the economy.

The original programs received funding to develop their curricula, provide teacher training, and establish the GTTP office and Director. As they matured and their programs became part of the national education systems, the GTTP’s funding and focus shifted to the new members. The original programs took on the role of mentor to the still-developing programs. This mix of developed and new programs benefits teachers and students through exchanges, sharing of curricula, and teacher training provided by experienced teachers.

Today, two types of countries belong to the GTTP: Members and Program Partners.

Members include Brazil, China, Jamaica, Kenya, Russia and South Africa. They receive GTTP funding to develop their programs.

Program Partners mentor and support the newer countries/regions. Program Partners are Canada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, the UK and the USA. Program Partners are eligible for funding to support student and teacher participation in the GTTP’s global competitions.

Member Countries/Regions

GTTP ChinaGTTP Brazil GTTP JamaicaGTTP RussiaGTTP South Africa

ChinaGTTP China was launched first in Ningbo and is under the direction of Dr. Hanqin Zhang. Now students from across China are participating. Professor of international tourism at Hong Kong Polytechnic. She has been teaching China tourism related subjects at both undergraduate and graduate level. Her research interests are tourism studies, consumer behaviour, and China hotel and tourism development and policy issues. Professor Zhang is coordinating pilot programs in two cities, and Chinese students will now participate in GTTP global activities.

As the coordinator for China MSc in the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University , she has started MSc Program together with Zhejiang University in 1999 and now the program is running very successfully. Dr. Zhang has been actively involved in consulting and executive training programs in China.
GTTP China Director:

Dr. Hanqin Zhang
Head of Cluster
Hotel and Tourism Management
College of Professional and Continuing Education
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

brazilThe mission of GTTP Brazil is: (1) to improve education in Brazilian public schools and invest in capacity building by training teachers; (2) to develop tourism-related instructional materials including books, games, instructor manuals and activities; and (3) to introduce young people to the Travel & Tourism Industry and its professional opportunities during that time in their lives when they are making career choices.

GTTP Brazil went through a major transformation in 2005 when it became a partner with the government of Brazil and its Ministry of Tourism in a project to expand tourism education into 100 new schools in 15 states, reaching 200,000 more students aged 14 to 18, and training 1,000 more teachers.  The project was part of a broad strategy by the Ministry of Tourism that recognizes that the development of tourist destinations has not always resulted in benefits for the local population, especially young people, many of whom are discouraged by the career choices open to them and by the conditions in their communities.

One part of the solution to this problem is to encourage the development of visitor attractions that value what local areas and their cultures can offer visitors. The other is to encourage greater local professionalism by reaching young people while they are still in school.

The tourism education expansion project included the production of nine student textbooks and nine instructor manuals, including 20,000 sets for teachers and students of the PASSPORT TO THE WORLD course developed by the GTTP, which has been translated into Portuguese. The project also relies on teaching kits distributed on CDs.

Topics for students covered by the various texts include the structure of the Tourism & Travel industry, good citizenship, ethics, technology, customer service, culture and tourism, finance and administration for tourism. Teacher training lasts 30 hours.

GTTP Brazil collaborates with the University of Sao Paulo (USP), and with state and municipal schools through the Secretary of Education, with the support of local government Tourism Departments. USP faculty oversee the academic content and provide teacher training.


  • Leisure and Tourism Research Group at EACH USP
  • BK Consultoria and BK Idiomas
  • São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Panrotas Editora Ltda.

The Director, GTPP Brazil, is:

Mariana Aldrigui
GTTP Brasil
Mobile: +55 (11) 998 694 093

JamaicaJamaica typically welcomes more visitors each year than its population of some 2.7 million people. Travel & Tourism is perhaps the most important part of the Jamaican economy, directly accounting for over 10 percent of all jobs on the island in 2007 and indirectly for some 26 percent of all jobs. Tourism generates more than 50 percent of all foreign exchange earnings of the country. Information Technology, Agriculture and Mining are other important sectors of the economy.

The importance of the industry is reflected in what Jamaican students are taught as part of the regular national school curriculum. Information about the Travel & Tourism industry is woven into the five core subjects every student must study: Language Art, Social Studies, Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Resources & Technology. Topics studied as part of the five core subjects range from “ Sectors of the Tourism Industry” to “Impacts of Tourism” and “Tourism Marketing.”

Since the schools already cover the basics of the travel and tourism industry, GTTP Jamaica focuses on extra-curricular activities for older students, including classroom presentations, community involvement projects, specialized seminars and limited work attachments or internships.

The Director, GTTP Jamaica, is:

Essie Gardner
Jamaica Tourist Board 
64 Knutsford Boulevard 
Kingston 5, Jamaica WI

Phone: +876-929-9200 x2045
Fax: +876-920-0456

RussiaGTTP Russia is housed at Junior Achievement Russia (JAR) and has grown rapidly since it became part of JAR in 2004. The Program’s schools have expanded beyond our original 32 classrooms in St. Petersburg and Moscow to cities across Russia from the Baltic to Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan. In April 2014 there were 159,654 students in 2,350 schools studying the new curriculum developed by the GTTP.

GTTP Russia provides extensive teacher training and support throughout our regional network, offering a high-quality program that has now been tried and tested across Russia.

As part of the GTTP, we offer students access to international activities and materials. These include a strong e-learning component based on the Russian-language version of GTTP’s PASSPORT TO THE WORLD: An Introduction to Travel & Tourism. We provide on-line materials that are approachable and attractive for students and teachers.

We participate in GTTP annual competitions and other activities designed to provide participants a better understanding of the Travel & Tourism industry, practical experience of research, project development and team work, opportunities to become more familiar with their own and other countries, and to interact with teachers and students from different GTTP countries.

To support our growth we rely on a dedicated and talented staff, a fully involved board, and the active support of loyal volunteers.

To read student case studies of tourism topics in Russia click here.

The executive director of GTTP Russia is:

Dr. Nina Kuznetsova
117198, Russia, Moscow
Leninsky prospekt, 113/1
Park Place, of B 301

Phone: +7095-956-5810
Fax: +7095-956-5246
General correspondence:

SouthAfricaSouth Africa introduced Tourism as a school subject in high schools in 1996. Today more than 360 000 students study the subject as part of the national curriculum in grade 10-12. More than 4 000 teachers teach the subject in more than 2 700 schools across the country. The aim of the GTTP South Africa is to create tourism awareness opportunities and exposure to the tourism industry for Tourism students in South African high schools, develop additional learning material to supplement Tourism text books, as well as facilitating opportunities for international travel and exchange programs. It further aims to develop Tourism teacher capacity in high schools in South Africa, create opportunities to expose Tourism teachers to the tourism industry and develop learning and teaching support material to be used for Tourism education in high schools.

Tourism students are given opportunities for awareness and exposure to the industry through annual research, photo and travel writing competitions and subsequent educational trips for winners sponsored by Global Partners. The program also facilitates participation in global student-teacher activities. The GTTP South Africa’s website offers essential information regarding career opportunities in tourism, funding for studies, career pathways, internships and entrepreneurship.  (Website:

The program renders support to a multitude of Tourism teachers through newly developed learning and teaching material to supplement the national curriculum. It furthermore creates linkages with industry and opportunities for teacher development and capacitation through training sessions such as student assessment methodologies , in many instances with in-kind and financial support from Global Partners. Tourism teachers in South Africa have access to the international GTTP curriculum “Passport to the World” to assist with curriculum implementation in the classroom. The GTTP Certification program, endorsed by the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), certifies students who have successfully completed the PASSPORT curriculum in addition to the Tourism curriculum offered in government schools. The GTTP South Africa works together with other GTTP member countries in the sharing of ideas and experiences that can improve its own operations.

The GTTP South Africa Director is:

Elsabe Engelbrecht,

Contact details:

P.O. Box 3237, Upington , 8800, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Email: /

Mobile:+27 726491800, Landline:+27 54 3376340, Fax:+27 866 560 981