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Each year the GTTP holds competitions for the best school research and essay writing projects project. Research topics are selected by the GTTP Directors.

In addition to their presentation, each winning team prepares a case study that can be used by students and teachers everywhere. Being able to communicate well in writing is important in any career in today’s global economy.

The essay competition reinforces the GTTP’s emphasis on encouraging research and communications skills of young people we hope to attract to our industry.

The theme of the essay competition is “Secret Trails of My Country,” and it offers an opportunity for students to think about what visitors might find interesting in their communities.

Criteria & Guidelines for Entry:


    The competition will be open to all students currently enrolled in GTTP member schools in our member countries: Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom.


    The Aim of the competition is:
    To provide another opportunity for GTTP Learners to research and write about tourism; to improve written communication skills; to generate articles for the GTTP website; and to highlight travel writing as a career option.


    Each entrant must determine his/her own area of focus and present an article (essay) based on research or experience. The article must, however, reflect the topic for the year:

    Secret Trails of My Country

    (exploring and exposing one or more natural, historic or cultural attractions that are often overlooked; commercial venues, such as amusement parks, are not eligible as a subject)

    Entrants may submit only one original article which must be accompanied by an entry form.

    Entries must be certified by your Teacher and/or the GTTP Director in your country.
    Each must be at least 500 words in length, but not more than 800 words. All articles must be typed and double-spaced on letter-sized paper or submitted in this format as an attached file to an email.

    The article may be written in the learner‚ native language but this will be translated into English for publication.

    Entries must be accompanied by a minimum of two and a maximum of four captioned photographs which reflect the text of the article. The photographs do not have to be the work of the writer, but writers must secure the photographer‚ permission to use the pictures. This written permission must be attached to the article. (See sample‚ Permission to Use‚ included here). Photos may be submitted electronically with the entry. Permission slips can be scanned and submitted electronically, but original copies must be provided in addition either by fax or mail to the GTTP Director in your country.

    The article must include a bibliography detailing the sources of information.


    Relevance to theme/Content
    Relevance of photographs to text
    Originality & Style

    National Prize Package:
    US $400
    Certificate of Achievement

    International Prize Package:
    US $800
    Article published in an international travel publication
    Article published on the GTTP website (

    Advisor/Teacher of Winning Entrant
    Day Trip to top Attraction/Weekend at Hotel

    Note: Cash prizes may be used for the winner‚ travel and/or education and will be dispersed by the national GTTP Director.

    All entries will be the property of the Global Travel & Tourism Partnership.


    For the address of the Director for your country, go to, and locate your country.

    If you submit your entry by mail, address it to:

    GTTP International Travel Writing Competition

    Followed by the Director‚ address

    If you submit your entry by email, put in the subject line:

    GTTP Travel Writing Competition

    The following GTTP member countries and their schools are eligible:

    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • Hong Kong
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Jamaica
    • Kenya
    • Russia
    • South Africa
    • United Kingdom
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