Graduate Profile

Loreen Gachambi Mugi

gttp 017

I am greatly honored and privileged to associate myself with GTTP for all the opportunities it has provided me as an individual. I really do appreciate because now I am aware of most of the careers involved in Travel & Tourism. At the Monaco conference, we all learnt one thing as we go back to our respective countries that we should not restrict our minds to the boarders of our country but we should be open-minded and aware that there is a huge world outside our country.

Samuel Morgan


For me, the GTTP experience is one of my most cherished to date,” says Sam Morgan. “It had a tremendous impact on my personal and academic development.

Douglas Thomas, Alumni Katyethoka Secondary School, Kitui County


GTTP has given me a great experience. I never thought I could emerge a winner in any of the competitions. Emerging the winner in the Digital photo competition in 2014 has made me a better person in our society. My community now knows about the GTTP program. I encourage other students to do better in the club because there are great opportunities for them.